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Aging Adults Optimistic About What Lies Ahead

API Staff

Feb 25, 2023

An article in USA Today, revealed some interesting thoughts of seniors today. They’re either optimistic or delusional, but 89% of older adults and 84% of younger adults say they’re confident they can maintain a high quality of life throughout their senior years.

The reasons vary, but support of friends and family is at the top, followed by being happy about their living situation, being well-prepared financially, being in good health and generally being optimistic according to a survey of more than 2,000 adults, half being 60 or older.

Still, the overall survey offers cautionary tales about aging in our rapidly changing society.

It was thought that Social Security and pensions were going to save the day and now we know it’s not.

On the financial front, 45% of the older group surveyed they wished they had saved more money.

A newer survey finds more financial optimism than last year, but still almost half are concerned that their savings and income will be sufficient to last the rest of their lives.

Another survey by the New England Centenarian says those who live to 100 aren’t worry free. Up to 40% have age-related illnesses. They have developed a means of coping with their illnesses in such a way they still live independently and maintain a relatively high quality of life.

Baby Boomers are a driving growth in the aging population today. They are better educated and more well off financially. They have better access to health care, better health-related choices, better diet and more exercise.

77% of the survey respondents say they plan to stay in their current home the rest of their lives. For those staying in their homes, 28% plan modifications for aging.

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