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Healthy Aging

API Staff

Jan 28, 2023

In an article from Time Magazine 7/1/14 by Alexandra Sifferlin, reports that the majority of baby boomers are overweight or obese.

 This is what a new report from U.S. Census Bureau is indicating. Concerns arise when you consider many diseases and disabilities can come as a result of excess body weight. Information also coming from this report states that the percentage of overweight and obese Americans 65 and older has grown:

72% of older men and 67% of older women. Baby boomers started reaching age 65 in 2011. Many of these older Americans are not financially prepared to pay for long-term care in nursing homes. Less than one fifth of older men and women have the finances to live in a home for more than three years.

 The findings highlight the need to make healthy changes early. If long-term healthcare costs are to be cut in the future, Americans need to get healthier. The costs of not taking action could be severe.

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