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Language for the Elderly

API Staff

Dec 17, 2022

Corrie Goldman writes in the Stanford Report June 30, 2014. that conversations with the elderly helps them cope with aging. She writes that aging inevitably brings with it a variety of challenges: declining health, changes in work status, the loss of family and friends.

 Her studies discovered that common communication strategies of the elderly may help them return to happier normal lives, after experiencing hardship. Following are some key concepts she found after interviewing elderly persons as they ate, met and socialized in their daily lives:

 a) the speaker’s ability to situate a traumatic event in the context of everyday life experience “seems to be quite effective as a means of emotion regulation”

b) the importance of older people to have casual conversations with others in the same stage of life c) caregivers need to provide environments and space for older adults to casually speak with friends and peers

d) a need for someone who shares same hobby or interests

e) each person has a continuous personal history and that reference to this history may be appreciated

 These findings can help all appreciate the challenge and pleasures of being a senior citizen.

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